With his extensive background in IT, Robert is especially effective coaching IT professionals.  He holds an MBA in Management Information Systems from DePaul University, is Microsoft certified, MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) and has several years of experience both as an IT Consultant and a Corporate Network Infrastructure Manager. 

 His clients feel particularly confortable because they can talk the same "IT language" and because of his familiarity with the professional issues they face.

In his work as a career coach, Robert facilitates group meetings from a coaching perspective which emphasizes that looking for a job is a process, and that we need to focus on the process, not just the final landing of a job.

Robert uses a "group coaching" approach by creating meetings which offer a safe/respectful place for all participants, allowing time for each person to report and contribute, inviting group brainstorming or discussions, and looking for individual learning. 

Loneliness, accompanied by isolation, are two important issues that need to be addressed and group coaching helps the clients see that they are not alone, not the only ones going through this and that other “good” people are going through the same.

Synergy and new creative energies are the result. Attendees share their experiences in the job search. The successful ones and also those they learned from, including: "being ignored", "dead-ends", and "rejections".

The group is a place where people can connect, learn from each other and encourage one other along the path in this special time of their lives. It is a time for opportunities and, there where those are not present, we will create new ones.

 Group coaching also helps clients getting out of their own minds see how others are dealing with the situation and extend to help the people around them while allowing themselves to receive help from others. Often long-term friendships among clients come from the group coaching process.


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Coaching is a very unique profession that utilizes the best of therapy, consulting, mentoring, and even friendship, to create a unique client-coach relationship. This relationship is a powerful alliance, a partnership of sorts, to help clients manage their lives, create more fulfillment, and live their dreams.